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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Friendly Emial Services.

On 2/16/2016 10:14 AM, blobby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Here are some Tor friendly e-mail providers. None of these want SMS
validation. Some have onion links but please check yourself for the
correct URL.

Do you know of any we can add to this list? Any onion only sites? Any
comments on these services?

Bitmessage.ch - https://bitmessage.ch/

Cock.li - https://cock.li/ (various domains available).

Mailbox.org - https://mailbox.org/

ProtonMail - https://protonmail.com/ (need invite).

RiseUp - https://help.riseup.net/ (need invite).

RuggedInbox - https://www.ruggedinbox.com/ (uses Squirrelmail; sometimes

Sigaint - http://sigaint.org/ (use search for onion link).

Tutanota - https://tutanota.com

Unseen.is - https://www.unseen.is/ (requires secondary e-mail address;
can be slow to load).

VFEMail - https://vfemail.net/ (uses Horde).

Unless Unseen's changed policy (could be) you didn't _have_ to use a 2nd email address. Or could use disposable email, if they need to send confirmation to set up an acct. A while back, the said if you used a free acct & didn't set a 2nd email, there'd be no way they could help you reset the PW, or unlock it if something went wrong. At that time, they didn't have "security questions / answers" set up to reset a PW if you forgot or wasnt' working.
All that may've changed - or not.
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