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[tor-talk] Tor ExitNode with solar powered drone and by protection from church like kopimism

Hi Tor Talkers,

when Julian is save for that long in an embassy Tor Exit Nodes should be, too. i heard that a chief of intel-mission of a foreign country is a resident of the capitol's embassy in your country. they should be interested in a Tor (Exit) Node.
and the CIA was so kind to update (1st april 2016) their most important people around the world. maybe they are interested in running a Tor Exit Node, too. 

210 pages with Names and Organizations around the world:
It starts with 
Pres. Ashraf GHAN
and ends with
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Frederick Musiiwa Makamure SHAVA

PS Off Topic till end of mail - get well Julian 
I heard Julian's shoulder(s) aren't that well and he has problems with the one or the other teeth.
Shoulder: not easy, get a white (good, not skin meant) Reiki Master for healing, it works even if you don't believe in it or haven't met before. if they are good they don't have to touch the skin and if well coordinated they can collect the healing waves from others Reiki healers around the world as well if there are more who spend some healing energy. It will buy Julian some time until he could get proper treatment. They usually want a single bug. It is their philosophy, i guess.
For the teeth: until you get proper and professional treatment this will buy you time, as well.
Jean Pütz created a tooth paste:

7 g Calciumcarbonat, auch als Schlämmkreide bekannt. (es dient als sanftes Scheuermittel und erleichtert die Entfernung von Plaque.)
5 ml Glycerin (bewahrt die Creme vor dem Austrocknen)
6 g Kieselsäure (ist ein wichtiger Aufbaustoff für Zähne und Zahnfleisch und verbessert die Konsistenz)
18 g Sorbit (ein schwacher Zuckeraustauschstoff, der für einen angenehmen Geschmack sorgt)
1 ml Lamepon S (ein mildes und ungiftiges Tensid, das aus Kollagen und Kokosfettsäuren gewonnen wird. Es erhöht die Reinigungswirkung und ist ein leichter Schaumbildner.)
8 ml dest. Wasser
10 Tropfen Salbeiöl (wirkt entzündungshemmend)
5 Tropfen Pfefferminzöl
3 Tropfen Teebaumöl (das desinfiziert)

it works, but you don't need all of it, especially if you don't want foam in your mouth. theoretically you only need the softest brush you like and:
- precipitate chalk (Schlämmkreide, calcium carbonate CaCO3, white powder)
- for individual treatment depending on the irritation you have you might try
--salvia oil (anti-inflammatory)
--thyme oil (antiseptic)
--tea-tree oil (antiseptic)
--clove oil (relieve of toothache, even used when babies get first teeths, milk teeth)
= dosis =
-brush, a soft one, you clean the teeth with the toothpaste, when you polish a car finish you don't use a hammer either, if needed get a dental floss instead
-with the precipitate chalk (1kg last till its minimum durability ends) you can't do wrong if you put your brush into the powder and what sticks to it is ok, repeat if you like, the powder should taste neutral/floury 
-with the oil, well that depends on each individual and if your doctor is ok with that suggestion (ask him first)
--usually that oil you buy at chemist's/pharmacy for that reason comes in a very very small, brown "bottle". you really don't need much. you shake the bottle then you open the screw plug. you will see a shiny surface on top of its mouth. you put a clean finger to the edge of the oil film and take care you don't need much - especially the first time you test it. you don't need and you don't want to swallow, just put the finger with the oil on it in your mouth to the place with the irritation
= usage = 
please alternate the use of that toothpaste with the one you like most depending on the irritation of the teeth or teeth ridge. in the toothpaste you are used to there are "fluoride" (~1400 ppm, Kieselsäure, chert, silica) in it which you need to harden the dental enamel on the long run

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