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[tor-talk] Can't find the Link - How to install and run a Tor ExitNode?

Hi Tor Talkers,

i want to pick up the words of Coyo Stormcaller if you don't mind:

You have to be ready for anything and everything. If you can, prepare
for illegal raids. If you can't, move in and live with someone who can.

if it is that dead serious you should talk to the people to whom you would "move in and live with someone who can" and ask them to run a Tor ExitNode instead. it is more handy for them if they only have a Tor ExitNode but you and your household.

so i was ready to start and talk to some of the persons of the CIA list and else but got aware i have no link to the equipment and software or installation guide which is needed to provide a Tor ExitNode. the bags at the #wewillrebuild pic aren't good enough even for a presentation. i searched the wiki which is full of nice links but can't find a guidance i'm looking for.
Is there some kind of plug and play?
The most videos i saw about Tor Exit Nodes are about kind of how to configure "torrc" and else.
Perhaps i missed something. 

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