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[tor-talk] Tor Talk via Toaster literally and API-USB web page acs

Hi Tor Talkers,
with the ghost-words in my ear "unless it is well hidden" and "they seize anything" i remember an article in 2012 announcing a book had been written in DNA form  
Here, we develop a strategy to encode arbitrary digital information in DNA, write a 5.27-megabit book using DNA microchips, and read the book using next-generation DNA sequencing.
there are many places left to hide that storage/size. even if they seize everything it will last some time to detect it. they have to turn anything inside out even a seized human body. and even if they find that DNA it will last some time to decode the information. in case there is a quantum computer to help to detect and decode the DNA/crypt there will be a quantum computer to encode/crypt the other way, too. and if this kind of computer is that capable origin things can be in several places at same time.
yet, we use a webinterface to communicate like we do in Tor Talk. this webinterface got an upgrade. 

This document describes an API for direct access to Universal Serial Bus devices from web pages.

Just to be clear there are some USB plugs and not only one e. g. (it is the pic in the link i want to point at)

Mögliche Steckkombinationen (mechanisch unterstützt)
there are already toaster oven (burner) with speaker and microphone which you can connect to a logic by USB or Bluetooth. That will be great fun when things you didn't expect to talk do so. if you exchange DNA from one "toaster" to another via Tor's anonymous webinterface and a quantum computer you can burn them instantly either to share again or to destroy. there are text-to-speaker converter/applications and vis versa with which you can do the Tor Talk more barrier free and literally Tor Talk via toaster. in that case i want to mention the Marrakesh Treaty it is waiting for so long to start.
 Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled
 PS: Thanks for the link, Roger. That was a prompt answer to my needs.
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