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[tor-talk] Can't find the Link - How to install and run a Tor ExitNode?

Hi Tor Talkers,

thanks Roger for the link, my first thank you dropped in another post.

> Here is the best link for setting up a Tor relay:
> https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-relay-debian

with the new EU trade secret thing the press will be a target for Tor Exit Nodes, too.

A European Parliament press release explains: "The rules will introduce an EU-wide definition of trade secrets and oblige member states to ensure that victims of the misuse of trade secrets will be able to defend their rights in court and seek compensation.

either the articles are now written by the companies like they do/did with the parliamentary (tax) laws (Panama Papers) or the journalists/the press have nothing else to report.

for the press it is very difficult to protect their sources. 

Police admit seeking access to Guardian reporter @FarrellPF's metadata to try to idenitify his sources

it is a military strategy to kill with metadata. civilians can only defend with lawyers if they can afford the ride. that is asymmetric.

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