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[tor-talk] BeagleBone Relay on OpenBSD -current


The Tor BSD Diversity Project continues its low-intensity war to inject
more *BSD into the Tor ecosystem.

Our TB for OpenBSD hit the -current ports in November, and 6.5 should in
the -stable ports and packages with the release of 6.1 in the next month
or so. The ports tree closed for 6.1 just after we submitted 6.5.1, but
it looks like it won't make it in unfortunately.

A notable recent happening is getting a -current BeagleBone Black Tor
relay up and running.


It's managed to quickly hit 1.39MB/s traffic at the most recent check.

We have some recent blog post about it which addresses a number of
questions including running OpenBSD -current versus -stable for relays,
basic OpenBSD tweaking for a relay, etc.




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