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Re: [tor-talk] Regarding latest TOR Browser update 652

Andri Effendi:
> Hi Tor community,
> Thanks for the updates allowing Twitter.
> It really helps, since I was using Tor for just about everything except
> twitter.
> I have noticed though that at least on the Mac version of Tor that after
> the update "6.5.2" the tor browser window is very laggy and I don't mean
> the page loading, I mean the system responsiveness and the rainbow spiral.
> I know it is not my Machine because it passed a clean bill of health
> after thorough diagnostics.
> My machine handles everything else alright, just not Tor after the last
> update.
> Please let me know if any other mac users are experiencing these issues
> since the update.

You've been the only one so far. So, not sure what is going on. You
could test with an old 6.5.1 to check whether it is really the update to
6.5.2 that caused this:


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