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Re: [tor-talk] release of heads 0.2 live 100% libre torified distro based on devuan

> On Mon, 10 Apr 2017, Mateo Carmona wrote:
>> In regard to the great news about the release of heads OS I have two things to say, first congratulations! second why the heads repository is hosted in a non-free software repository (github). Is it not about Libre-privacy?
> I've tried hosting the repositories on git.devuan.org, but it hasn't
> performed on-par at that time. I also don't have another place as good
> as Github to host everything, along with the bugtracker. In any case, a
> plethora of free software projects are hosted on Github, and I don't
> really see an issue. All my git commits are signed with gnupg so we have
> that going at least.

Welcome to the "free" software world!

Where the developers aren't reliable enough to have a host and a HTTPS
certificate. And where those handicapped enough to be unable to write
software have informed oppinions as long as they don't have to pay a cent.

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