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Re: [tor-talk] TBB uses orange Firefox icon in Linux panel

On 04/24/2017 05:43 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
> In Mint 18.1, TBB 6.5.1 was installed to /home/user/torbrowser/. Now
> updated to 6.5.2 - still same issue.
> I only have one TBB launcher (icon) - on the desktop (nowhere else) &
> it uses the correct green TBB globe icon.
> When TBB is running, the app icon on  Mint's panel is the orange /
> blue Fx icon.  Any other TBB window I open (bookmarks, NoScript
> options) - also use the orange Fx icon in the panel.
> Confusing when TBB & Firefox are both running.
> Not sure when it happened - when 1st installed TBB in Mint, it showed
> correct icon on the panel.
> At some point - but before any TBB update, the  panel icon switched.
> I can probably hack the right icon - to the location that  Linux pulls
> the icon for the panel (if  it's different location than
> start-tor-browser.desktop.
> Anyone know where Linux gets the panel icon for TBB?
> In the start-tor-browser.desktop file, it shows the icon
> "mozicon128.png" - which should be correct .
> For installed programs, I believe Linux pulls program panel icons from
> the <program name>.desktop file, under "icon=...."
> Any idea why this icon switch happened?

Debian Jessie 32 bit. I have torbrowser's folder in my home/opt
directory and my panel icon is linked to
/home/opt/tor-browser_en-US/Browser/browser/icons. That's where the
standard panel icon is located. Note the first iteration of "Browser" in
the path IS capitalized.


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