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Re: [tor-talk] Fwd: TOR problems - seriously PLEASE HELP ME!

Thank you for your help and specific answer!

I do not know yet how to put my reply (our correspondence question-answer) to everyone on the TOR blog (different from the standard forum)? I'm afraid that something of my actions it is a bad - doing something wrong.? I do not want to impose your politeness, but could you please explain it to me, or paste the content in the right place? 

I >A good idea would be to set the first/last COUNTRY (download/send data) of the final node - as many sites do not support connections from foreign countries.
>>As Jonathan mentioned in a reply to your post already, you are able to define a set of allowed exit countries (ie poland only) by following these instructions on wikihow: http://www.wikihow.com/Set-a-Specific-Country-in-a-Tor-Browser

Super, works as it should. This solves one already my problem! It is a pity that we country have so few nodes. Is it possible to add the number of intermediate nodes (it seems very dangerous when the end-country is my own) in two TOR settings to 4 or at least 3 ? (only available working "amazon" settings). 
I will try to run old 2 or 4 core PC, and share it as TOR 24h Poland node. (speeds IPv6 250/50Mbps be enough?) Maybe someone will help me to run this on free Linux (stable and maintenance-free working).

I >Can you somehow mask the fact that you use TOR browser, substituting the name of regular firefox?
>>The destination server (the website which says "don't support tor connections") probably doesn't block connections because of the browser you are using. Since every node in the tor network exposes its "tor-membership" to the network itself, it will always be possible to determine whether you are using tor or not. On this specific manner, a VPN connection may help you out, but please be aware that the provider of this VPN will then be able to log and maybe intercept your traffic.

I have a static IPv6 address they TOR work only with amazon settings (250Mbps TV cable network). Optionally I can uses the “open” non protected Wi-Fi network which blocks TOR connections also “amazon” and 2 bridges! (2.4Ghz only, and very slow max 50Mbps with 300Mbps - b,g,n, cards /8192 chip/, use beam aerial and 78% reach).

Nice to have you explained that this is not a browser issue just a "signature" node. Is there a way to change settings in the settings so that the recipient does not see that the TOR is being used?

I >There is still a question of what effect on the release of real IP, with use Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 (PC version), during because it Windows restart, injected its your packages (every couple of seconds it sends/receives packets on 443 port)
>>The most internet security solutions intercept ssl traffic to scan the contents of these connections for any Trojans or viruses. If not implemented with perfect care, these solutions probably more harm you than they help securing anything. You find an example of this here: http://www.securityweek.com/google-researcher-finds-certificate-flaws-kaspersky-products

Thank you, I read. Does anyone in TOR are really interested in Kaspersky LAB and whether (eg. Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 PC version) it not threatens to expose IP (un hidden) when using TOR worked at Windows 7,8,10???

Assuming that I use only secure pages, is not it safe to disable protection and then shut down KIS? I give up the protection of files and additionally I lose the useful option 1) effective "firewall" blocking telemetry and other spy sites (using svchost and raw RAW to retrieve information type whois, my location, markmonitor, etc.), 2) "Surfing Incognito" , 3) "Blocking banners". The question is worth it?

Once again great thanks for the help!


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