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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Security Settings warning

> Probably around the time of recent changes in Tor Browser / TorButton, I
> started seeing a warning when I click on Security Settings in Tor Button.
> Pop up title: Tor Browser Security Settings
> Security Level
> "Your custom browser preferences have resulted in unusual security
> settings.  For security and privacy reasons, we recommend you choose one
> of the default security levels."
> After that, only a "Restore Defaults" button shows in the message - no
> options to choose from.  That's part of the problem.  If I try to check
> TBB's security level setting (low, medium, high) it always shows the
> message above.
> I can click Restore Defaults, but next session - w/o me changing
> anything in between, it shows the same message if I try to check
> "Security Settings."
> As far as I've ever been able to tell, clicking Restore Defaults doesn't
> change anything under the browser Preferences > Privacy tab or anything
> in NoScript.
> In TBB - Preferences > Privacy, the only non-default setting I know is
> "Remember my browsing & download history" is checked.
> But all data is set to be deleted when browser closes.  TBB does that
> anyway.
> All other settings in Preferences/Privacy are default.
> After several times (sessions), over the last few TBB versions, of
> clicking "Restore Defaults" (security settings) the next session it
> shows the same popup if I check security settings again.
> Other than that, I don't know what "unusual settings" it means, or if
> Tor Button security is slightly broken?
> The security slider is usually set on low; sometimes medium.  That
> doesn't affect seeing the popup.

The problem you are seeing is due to a preference governed by the slider
which is being changed by something else in your Tor Browser. Do you
have additional extensions installed that could be responsible for that?
Or do you have changed settings in Tor Browser yourself that could cause

Restoring the default settings is not changing anything visible on the
privacy pane, you are right, but it does adjust important settings both
in the browser and NoScript.

A safe thing to do would be downloading a clean, new Tor Browser from
our website and start over again (mabye exporting the bookmarks from the
currently used Tor Browser and importing them in the newly downloaded one).


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