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Re: [tor-talk] BSD + Tor [was: obfs4proxy / 1024]

> On 13/04/18 19:20, George wrote:
>> It doesn't seem consistently blocked from my angle. I can access over
>> Tor, even without javascript enabled, but on occasion it is blocked.
>> It's possible there's dynamic blocking of specific exits.
> It has always been blocked everytime I have tried over the years.

grarpamp replied usefully to that.

>> But quite honestly, we should all figure out how to directly convince
>> www providers that they shouldn't block all Tor. Expressing it here does
>> little.
> Dude started a thread specifically to shill FreeBSD to Tor users. At the
> very least it seems appropriate to point out that the FreeBSD project
> doesn't seem to particularly like Tor.

I know enough of the FreeBSD scene (including core and the Foundation)
to say that is not the case.

More on this below.

What some admin(s) do on a forum site isn't necessarily indicative of
the project's attitude.

And much more explicitly than with, say, the Linux scene, in BSD land if
you want something done, you are expected to do it, and not request it.
OpenBSD, in particular, isn't a consumer operating system.

> More optimistically I was hoping that if the original poster is actually
> involved with FreeBSD he might be shamed into talking to the folks
> responsible and attempt to get it fixed.

As with all open-source projects, I do agree getting a better rapport is

How come the Linux distros and *BSD projects aren't all running relays?
What impact might official FreeBSDRelay0 or DebianProject0 have on
legitimizing Tor further?  Or getting all projects to run .onion sites,
including for OS distribution (as some do now, and others are working on)?

> For what it's worth I did really like this talk from BSDCan 2016 about
> improving on the Tor+Linux monoculture.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeQWET79t_Y


In all seriousness, that talk was put in a prime time slot in the
biggest room, and was not only well-attended but very interactive. It
was like an atmosphere that is hard to get if you weren't in the room,
with a significant number of people running relays, answered other
peoples' questions, etc. The speaker's side comments and banter are
indicative of the mood.

It said a lot to me about the attitudes of the *BSD community... I gave
that talk.



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