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Re: [tor-talk] BSD + Tor [was: obfs4proxy / 1024]

Users can reach their forums by finding exits that
work / NEWNYM. They obviously run some form of blocking
system but may not be aware of impacts... especially
of the tor users that want to read and participate there.
They're pretty friendly and open to trying things.
So try finding an exit, signing up and starting a
thread there about the issue, branch it to the
relavant lists for comment, and open a ticket
to further the process into some work.

As to general blocking / access projects that all tor users
can work on developing the actual outreach components of...


As for BSD...
Yes, BSD makes a fine OS whether from server
to desktop to Tor. Anyone who has ever grown
beyond, or wishes to grow beyond, just one OS,
should pick it up and give it a go. And in a land
of Windows and Linux by default, BSD is fun in
part because how well it competes on similar level
while being lesser known and growing quickly. So of
course people are going to advocate for, develop,
and use that.

If new users haven't identified something specific they
need from the former list of actively maintained BSD
projects, OpenBSD and FreeBSD are generally the
ones to look at first.





There's "Linux From Scratch" for happy penquins too,
this distro won't ever fail you because you are maintainer ;)
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