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Re: [tor-talk] Google reCAPTCHA

Even forgetting website admins and the whole third party
recaptcha cloudflare debacle, where so many users are
just closing their tabs on those sites and going elsewhere,
for the moment,

The fact that Google itself does this censoring, enslavement, tracking
and data mining / brokering in front its own search service [1] that
service marketed as benefit the whole worlds users... except
obviously in particular to tor users which they know are using
tor exits, and even already have a solved cookie for, but still
block their browser's search again and again after that...
is totally absurd and hypocritical lie. And the typical wishy
washy silent corporate stance on such things.
Who is not to analysis and then declare that situation similar to...
"fuck google... they've been evil since day one."

[1] https://www.google.com/

Anyone wanting to start new services based on new
honorable models, including privacy, micropay,  donations, etc...
thanks to this "free" abuse for decades by all the big services,
there is much oppurtunity out there to startup better ideas
in that vacuum.
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