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Re: [tor-talk] Google reCAPTCHA

> And if display, often takes 5-10 correct solves to pass.

For me I do much more than 10 and eventually give up because it never lets me through.

But really google captchas should not even be used because they require javascript. With javascript code
google can identify you by your mouse movements which are unique per person. This is either a way to identify
tor users to real life identity or correlate multiple identities that would otherwise be seperate. Or it is a way
to basically harras and block Tor users from using the internet. Most website admins are horrible people by knowingly or
unknowingly having google captcha or cloudflare on their website, and are taking part in the war against human rights of
privacy. Another person I saw, thought that google is purposesly making people fill out multiple endless captchas because
they are using humans to train AI through recaptcha against their will.

Google is the cancer of the internet

> Who is actively inquiring and lobbying Google to
> get this changed?

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