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Re: [tor-talk] Is there a way to use internet in a sandbox environment? (Linux)

Thanks a lot Jim for the information.

If I am running a live system on a DVD for internet access and booting from that DVD then the DVD should be able to write some data on itself (Example: if I am using a browser then the browser needs to write some data on the DVD to function). So, I would need a DVD-RW (DVD rewritable) not DVD-R (one-time recordable disc).

Running a live system on a USB would still have some risk as the USB could read/write data to the attached Hard Disk of the PC or Laptop.

A DVD-RW can't read/write to the attached Hard Disk on its own, am I right?

---- On Tue, 02 Apr 2019 23:12:00 -0700 Jim <jimmymac@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote ----

npdflr wrote:

> Can you elaborate or give example on how to run a live CD/DVD for internet access.

It has been a while since I have done this so I am a bit out of date,

but presumably the procedure hasn't changed.  You need to find and

download an .iso image from the internet or obtain it from another

source.  Hopefully the creators of the image provide a way to verify

that the image you get is correct and unaltered (PGP signature, a signed

list of secure hashes, etc).  You should verify your image.  Then you

need to burn the image to a CD or DVD (as appropriate) *as an image*.

You can find instructions on the Internet about how to to this.  Do

*not* just write it to the optical disk as a file.  Put the disk in

your computer and boot to it.  You will then be running from the optical

disk and there should be no hard drive access unless you specifically

request it.

There are multiple live systems to choose from.  Probably all will give

you Internet access but some/many may not include Tor.  TAILs does

include Tor and is specifically set up to direct all Internet traffic

through Tor.  There may be others.  You should be able to find any

additional information you need through searching the Internet.

My impression is these days it is more common to run live systems from

thumb drives than optical disks.  But I specifically mentioned CD/DVDs

because they are read-only media and therefore can't get infected

(assuming your original image is clean).

> One has to install an OS on the CD/DVD and there needs to be some means for CD/DVD to access a network-specific firmware etc for using the internet, am I right?

Live systems auto-detect hardware and will usually "just work" with the 

hardware you have.  If it doesn't you need to either find a different 

live system or different hardware.  But if your hardware works with 

standard Linux I wouldn't expect a problem.




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