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[tor-talk] IPv6 for relay-to-relay or client-to-relay communication?


Does Tor currently use IPv6 connections for relay-to-relay traffic?

I now got some IPv6 relays which access IPv4 via tunneling to a separate
router, so it would *really* benefit my setup if some of the Tor traffic would
move to going over IPv6 directly. However that doesn't seem to be the case at
the moment (or the share is way too low).

For client connections I see there's ClientUseIPv6 which is 0 by default, any
ETA on making it default to 1?

Also ClientPreferIPv6ORPort which bizarrely means "use IPv4" when set to auto.

I remember some time ago there was a drive for people to run more IPv6 relays
or to set up ORPort in their configs if they already do. But what is the point
if the current default settings basically mean IPv6 *won't* be used?

With respect,
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