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Re: [tor-talk] IPv6 for relay-to-relay or client-to-relay communication?

Roman Mamedov:
> Does Tor currently use IPv6 connections for relay-to-relay traffic?

no, here is the project for that:

general Tor IPv6 roadmap

> I remember some time ago there was a drive for people to run more IPv6 relays
> or to set up ORPort in their configs if they already do. But what is the point
> if the current default settings basically mean IPv6 *won't* be used?

Enabling IPv6 ORPorts makes sense even if relay-to-relay communication is
still limited to IPv4 since it makes guards more accessible for clients and
prepares for the next steps (and shows us better how many support it properly)

So yes, please enable IPv6 ORPorts and IPv6Exit if you can.


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