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[tor-talk] My experience contributing to any Tor Project projects

Hi Tor users and contributors

I wrote down my thoughts about how to feels like getting started
contributing to the tor project.


Last year I did successfully submit a couple of changes to
support.torproject.org that is awesome to see deployed! But it was mostly
because of the awesome people on that team because everything else felt
like it worked against me making any contributions just because how pieces
of information are spread out.

I will love to hear what you think! What triggered this what I was trying
to report a bug and again meet all the different systems, but I did manage
to create it https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30042

What my point is that I am not just hating and have tried my best to use
the systems before I talk about them, so my experience is authentic as
possible :)

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