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Re: [tor-talk] Well, what exactly are you trying to contribute with your efforts?

What a load of ***!

On Mon, 29 Apr 2019, at 19:50, Conrad Rockenhaus wrote:
> How is
> my service even a commercial offer when it's a 501(c)(3) non-profit
> and I'm not making a profit?

You are selling something. And that status is only a deal between you and the government. If I think about it, most businesses classified like this usually sell a lot of junk "to support our cause".

> How come you don't seem to get so
> offended when Emerald Onions (for example, I have absolutely nothing
> against them at all) supports an update about their services?

So if X is not "offended" by someone else, than you are free to do whatever. You sound like a brat stomping his little feet because mommy is not around.

> Why am I questioned for responding to an email bashing me for
> attempting to contribute to the Tor project in a large way by helping
> others  [...]

From what I see you are helping your Nonprofit scam live some more by asking others to do something. 

> I do wonder why the Tor Community Council wants to have such a
> Chilling Effect on any speech related to GreyPony while allowing all
> others to speak freely. It's kind of odd especially since it was
> previously posted on this list that people could post even about
> COMMERCIAL providers that are Tor friendly once and awhile but we're
> OK a little hypocritical behavior if we don't like someone, amirite?

It's a conspiracy baby. But given that you have a "non-profit", I could bet you will still stick around, instead of taking your toys before the tantrum is over.

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