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Re: [tor-talk] Well, what exactly are you trying to contribute with your efforts?

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 5:49 PM Seby <seby2kt14@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here we go again...
> This dude just won't stop harassing us with masked advertising, commercial
> offers and monetary asks. Every time even the most boring thing needs to be
> publicly shouted on these mail lists, every time he does something
> extraordinary, something quite unusual that none of you mortals could ever
> do like running a middle relay on a small virtual machine, or a 500KB/s
> bridge.

Actually, it's not masked advertising for commercial offers. It's
nonprofit solicitation to assist other users that are interested in
expanding Tor's FreeBSD Resiliency. There's quite a few people that
would like to help but aren't comfortable making the plunge on their
own. Increasing the number of FreeBSD machines ensures we don't have a
single point of failure as the number of Linux machines presently on
Tor greatly outweighs the number of FreeBSD machines on Tor.

This was previously discussed, but I'm sure you weren't paying
attention, but that's where the project started from and it was always
a nonprofit project to begin with.

In addition, we're now assisting with AS divestment as well, to try to
get people off of highly populated ASes so those don't form single
points of failure. Which is another goal of the Project, from what I
have been told. I understand you may not get that, so I'll explain it
as simply as possible - too many middle relays and exits are getting
service from the same service providers. We are trying to help provide
another Tor friendly service provider to the table (which runs
separately from this since that's a commercial operation).

When we had are stuff fully online, we occupied all 15 top spots of
the highest bandwidth exits in Canada. Right now my highest performing
exit in the US is in the Top 10 but I've been scaling that exit down
as I'm not sure if I'm keeping my personal items online anymore at
this point.

Finally, the GreyPony project has been there to make it be able for an
enduser be able to easily setup and get going on their first new relay
with dedicated support, sometimes people want that extra hand.

Before you trash a project before you should learn about it, but all
you've been doing is trashing things. Maybe you should try
contributing to something and ignoring things you disagree with or
asking questions if you don't understand it, instead of just resorting
to talking trash about a project. I just makes it look like you have
plenty of free time to mock others because you aren't helping others,
but that's my take on things.

Conrad Rockenhaus
Cell: (254) 292-3350
Fax: (254) 875-0459
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