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Re: [tor-talk] Well, what exactly are you trying to contribute with your efforts?

On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 11:01 AM silvia [hiro] <hiro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Conrad,
> You have been kindly asked to stop advertising or repeat commercial offers about
> your services.
> Avoid cross posting and stick to the general list guidelines.
> We maintain these list for technical support and general discussion among
> Tor users and relay operators.
> Thanks,
> hiro

How was my response advertising or a repeat commercial offer? How is
my service even a commercial offer when it's a 501(c)(3) non-profit
and I'm not making a profit? How come you don't seem to get so
offended when Emerald Onions (for example, I have absolutely nothing
against them at all) supports an update about their services?

Why am I questioned for responding to an email bashing me for
attempting to contribute to the Tor project in a large way by helping
others run their own relays by asking that person how they're
contributing to Tor project themself? I would think that would fall
under the lines of "general discussion." I don't see where I'm
advertising for Greypony when all I'm doing is refuting this person's
demonstrably false statements such as "the project only runs middle
relays on small virtual machines" or "500 KB/s" bridges" which does
fall under the guidelines of general discussion and free speech. After
all, the only counteract to false speech is free speech.

I do wonder why the Tor Community Council wants to have such a
Chilling Effect on any speech related to GreyPony while allowing all
others to speak freely. It's kind of odd especially since it was
previously posted on this list that people could post even about
COMMERCIAL providers that are Tor friendly once and awhile but we're
OK a little hypocritical behavior if we don't like someone, amirite?

Conrad Rockenhaus
Cell: (254) 292-3350
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