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Re: [tor-talk] tor project website change / contributing

> Dear all,
> Sorry for not replying to a specific mail.
> I believe it is possible to extract valuable information from the
> comments on this mailing list and I would like to help improve the
> website. So I have a few questions:
> Is there a specific group of people working on the website?
> How do you communicate and manage your work? (would that be the
> #tor-project group on IRC?) How could I get in touch?

Thanks for asking. We have #tor-www for website work, please be welcome
and join us. Help is very much appreciated.

> I believe this list may not be the best medium for feedback, is there a
> place that would be more appropriate and suitable?
> (Where the feedback is actually going to be received by the team working
> on the website.)

I think the team is closely watching our lists and grateful for
constructive feedback. If you are not used to IRC, filing a ticket in
our bug tracker might help (see below). I am not sure about the
appropriate mailing list for discussion. Others might chime in here.

> Did anyone extract and collect the valuable feedback from this mailing
> list yet?

Yes, we did extract feedback and created tickets where apprpropriate in
our bug tracking system. The parent ticket is


and we have a bunch of child tickets so far. In case we missed any,
please add them. We'll triage that list regularly.

> Thank you Kevin for creating the guide on contributing to Tor! That
> saves a lot of time. :D

Indeed, thanks for that.


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