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Re: [tor-talk] Anyone interested in running FreeBSD or Linux Exit Relays on AS19624?

On 4/17/19, Seby <seby2kt14@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here we go again...

Not really different than all the quasi or non profit
tor node groups posting their news now and then.
Nos onions, torservers, emerald onions, noisebridge, etc.
Hey look at me, join us, give us money, we're doing stuff, etc.
So long as it supports the overlay networks, gets nodes
running on them, etc... some diversity in approach to that
isn't going to kill you, else hit your 'block' button.

Maybe even some new operators-to-be like the offer of
somehow working together with a hosters to get started
funding and running their nodes that they would otherwise
not be so confidant to do right away as a first step.

Worry about MyFamily and good ops instead.

> stop

OMFG yes, please stop top posting, all of you.
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