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Re: [tor-talk] Nice to meet you! / WhatsApp by Tor?

Seven years ago I performed the first tests for voice transmission over the Tor network. Recently I returned to this topic and reanimated the old project: it became cross-platform, modular and using modern cryptography. Alpha versions for Windows, Android and Linux (including ARM) are being tested now. There will also be versions for iOS and bare metal (RPi for Tor and transport + isolated Cortex M4 for crypto and voice). Features: open SW/HW, server-less, voice calls to onion-address, optional NAT traversal using Tor for p2p UDP connection, possibility of direct call to TCP IP:port including isolated local network. For direct calls added obfuscating similar to obfs4 (with elligator2 representations, random padding, timings, two-session connecting, proof of job etc). Source code (cross-platform core and GUI for all platforms) will be published a little later but now you can try the Android alpha version to evaluate the voice latency in Tor:


Note: after exchanging contacts during the first call next authenticated calls have a lower latency since several Tor circuits are used in parallel. There are no any IP leaks when working over Tor as the only single TCP connection to the onion-address is used (custom protocol for voice transfer optimized for Tor environment).  Android APK includes the Tor executable compiled using standalone NDK from the repository https://github.com/n8fr8/tor-android

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