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Test: TOR and the Mule --- HELP

I'm trying to use eMule with TOR.

So i tried setting port 9050 of localhost, pointing at TOR, as socks4a from
 eMule, results:
Aug 26 17:31:22.609 [warn] Your application (using socks4 on port 4662) is
g Tor only an IP address. Applications that do DNS resolves themselves may

I tried setting port 8118 of localhost,pointing at privoxy, as
socks5 and http from eMule, results:


i have no console log on privoxy

Any suggestion?

I have been trying to get support from emule board,but i only got that emule
 doesn't support socks4a, but it is in emule settings proxy tab...
Emule board is not very kean on anon issues.

Using winXP sp2rc2(2149).

Thanks a lot ;)
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