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Re: Basic questions

On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 12:20:48AM -0700, Hee So wrote:
> Hi,
> I got the Tor client working on Windows for HTTP and IRC cuz
> the applications had support for SOCKS.
> I saw the documentation on tsock/socat. This solution is for Unix only.
> I've got a couple ssh clients on windows that don't support any
> kind of proxy. Is there a solution for windows apps that
> do not support SOCKS to use Tor?

I know there's at least one Windows solution that acts a little like
tsocks, but I haven't used any myself.  SocksCap looks as though it
might do what you want, but I'm not sure it's the very best.

> When the Tor server is setup, is it supose to be a Directory Server
> or an Onion Router?

You should probably run an onion router if you want to be a server;
I'll try to clarify this in the documentation.  If you just want to
run a client yourself, you don't need to set ORport at all.

> Is the Onion Router a SOCKS proxy, a modified SOCKS proxy to support
> the Tor feature set, or something completely different?

Tor runs as a superset of socks4 and socks4a, and implements some (but
not all) of socks5.  To see what parts of socks tor supports, see

Hope this helps,
Nick Mathewson
(PGP key changed on 15Aug2004; see http://wangafu.net/key.txt)

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