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Re: Still logged on after AIM logoff


Yep, it happens quite frequently to me. I haven't been able to investigate
yet so I don't IM thru tor right now :-(

but remember that if someone wanted to they can steal your creds on their
exit node.


On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, Mike Perry wrote:

> Is anyone else experiencing issues with remaining logged on to AIM
> (specifically gaim) after signing off when using Tor? For some reason
> even after explicitly going to signoff, my screenname remains online
> and I lose IMs. When I go to sign on again I get the annoying "Your
> AIM account is being used in another location", sometimes even hours
> later.
> I don't really know the AIM protocol, but doesn't it log you out
> automatically normally as soon as the TCP connection dies? Perhaps Tor
> isn't properly terminating randomly dropped circuits? But what about
> when I deliberately go to signoff?
> This is obviously distressing, because what is to stop someone from
> say, intercepting and then dropping my logoff at an exit server and
> then keeping the connection alive to recieve copies of my IMs..
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> Mike Perry
> Mad Computer Scientist
> fscked.org evil labs