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Still logged on after AIM logoff

Is anyone else experiencing issues with remaining logged on to AIM
(specifically gaim) after signing off when using Tor? For some reason
even after explicitly going to signoff, my screenname remains online
and I lose IMs. When I go to sign on again I get the annoying "Your
AIM account is being used in another location", sometimes even hours

I don't really know the AIM protocol, but doesn't it log you out
automatically normally as soon as the TCP connection dies? Perhaps Tor
isn't properly terminating randomly dropped circuits? But what about
when I deliberately go to signoff?

This is obviously distressing, because what is to stop someone from
say, intercepting and then dropping my logoff at an exit server and
then keeping the connection alive to recieve copies of my IMs..

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs