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Policy on filtered ExitNodes??

Hello, all.  This is my first post, so don't flame me too badly if I
say something out of place.

I just discovered today that at least one Tor server acting as an exit
node (powerpenguin61) is or was running on a filtered machine; i.e.,
all requests that exit from that node must satisfy something called
Squid, for appropriateness, or you receive an error page telling you
how bad you are for trying to go to some forbidden place!

In my opinion, such servers are worse than not being on Tor, because
now I must discover them through trial and error and add them to my
ExcludeNodes list (at least until there is some sort of
ExcludeExitNodes option) in order to have the privilege of filtering my
own web content or going to a website whose name is in any way

Do the Powers That Be have an opinion on the matter.  Seems to me that,
without exclusively open exits, any group of people could get Tor,
advertise exit, and then filter the crap out of what anyone can use Tor
for....  Pretty easy attack, if you ask me....

Just my $0.02.


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