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Re: Gentoo's response on them blocking access to their forums via Tor

How about contacting them via the forums at www.gmane.org?   8-)


S K wrote:

So, they still won't differentiate between browsing
forums and posting on them.

As for "technical or legitimate reason[10]", since I
can't seem to reach the website (without Tor) this may
have to been discussed, what about a situation where I
as a developer or an advanced user of Gentoo have a
fundamentally different opinion on a core issue from
some demigod core developer of Gentoo and who wants to
silence me or worse identify me? Don't want to state
examples, but hasn't these things happened before?

Maybe someone who is in touch with the Gentoo guys
could ask them?


--- Evert <evert@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Tor network servers banned on the Forums

The Tor Network[7] is an anonymous Internet
communication system that uses
a distributed network of servers to bounce
communications around. People
were able to use tor to browse the Gentoo Forums[8]
until some malicious
users started abusing the forums. As you might have
already guessed, using
tor hides your IP address, so it works similarly to
a kind of anonymous
posting. The gentoo forums staff[9], due to this
abusive use of tor
servers, has decided to ban all tor servers that
have an exit policy
allowing connections to forums.gentoo.org on ports
80 (HTTP) and/or 443
(HTTPS). We are concerned that our users might want
to preserve their
anonymity, however there doesn't seem to be a good
technical or legitimate
reason[10] to use tor on the Gentoo Forums.

 7. http://tor.eff.org
 8. http://forums.gentoo.org/
 9. http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/forums/

In an effort to purge the abuse of the Tor Network
generating the least
problem to our users, only Tor servers with an exit
to forums.gentoo.org
on the ports above stated will be banned. If they
have those exits
removed, they'll automatically be unbanned. Please,
notice that this
process of retrieving the list of Tor servers is
performed automatically
and that it might take a while to have the ban-list

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