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Re: [OTR-users] Jabberd, AdiumX and TOR(reason for the crossposting..)

Hi Clay,
via the .onion address of course
this part in #2 for c2s I have done and have going online at least to a .onion address for the jabber server :)

next I need to get jabberd2/resolver and jabberd2/s2s working via tor resolution and transport.

BTW I was never able to get file transport working under tor(I suspect dcc just will never work with .onion addresses)

a tor operator ps this is much more of a TOR post than an OTR related one now..

and again this part I have succeeded with I have the c2s portion of jabber operating with TLS and SASL via
TOR.. its linkup to other .onion based jabber server I am currently working on.


I've used tor with otr in gaim for several months now.  I'm not sure I
see the significance here.

Are you saying you're going to torify your server?  If that's the case,
how the heck does one find your server?  This sounds cool though.

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