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Jabberd, AdiumX and TOR(reason for the crossposting..)

Hi all,
This was actually applicable to both groups. I have successfully been able to do the following

1. log in to a jabber server via adiumX using TOR as a transport and OTR encryption after logging.

2. run the c2s script of jabberd as a hidden service with a .onion address

I am running the above under OpenBSD-current.

Steps needing to be done

torify(no that script doesnt work here) the jabberd2/resolver and the jabberd2/s2s components
I am thinking libnylon and LD_LIBRARY_PATH or something similar here.
this should allow jabberd2 to operate as a totally location hidden service.

I will update the tor wiki upon success.. question is has anyone else done this??
the OTR crowd was CCed on this due to the OTR/Adium sucess..

a tor operator