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Re: Jabberd, AdiumX and TOR(reason for the crossposting..)

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005, tor wrote:

> Hi all,
>         This was actually applicable to both groups. I have 
> successfully been able to do the following
> 1. log in to a jabber server via adiumX using TOR as a transport and OTR 
> encryption after logging.
> 2. run the c2s script of jabberd as a hidden service with a .onion address 

> I will update the tor wiki upon success.. question is has anyone else 
> done this??

Yes, I've successfully run 2 hidden jabber servers (1.4.x), and had
clients connect to them and chat to each other.

For the name resolution problem I chose to work around it by assigning
some special IPs from the link local ranges to my servers in etc/hosts
and mapping them back to the .onion names using tor's MapAddress.  For a
really decentralized system one would of course have to solve that issue

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