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Re: Getting logged out from forums

Thanks William, i tried the  TrackHostExits option and now it seems
everything is alright :)

Thanks once again..

On 8/26/05, William Popowich <popowich@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Because of the way that tor works when you're browsing, the ip address
> that the web server can see will change. Even with cookies enabled, a
> lot of web forums will log you out when your ip address suddenly
> changes. It's to protect users who might have their cookies copied.
> Tor has an option called TrackHostExits that enables it to remember the
> exit node used when first connecting to that site, and reuse the same
> exit node. This should prevent the forum from logging you out. The
> manual explains how to use it.
> Should you have two forums that are at www.phpbb.com and www.forum.com
> then you'd add something like
> TrackHostExits .phpbb.com,.forum.com
> If you want it to work with all hosts, then
> TrackHostExits .
> On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 15:21:29 +0530, "Tony Jose" <imageinc@xxxxxxxxx>
> said:
> > Hi friends,
> > I just started to use Tor. But i am not able to browse forums
> > properly. Everytime when i click any thread it says i am not logged in
> > and i have to retype username and password. this happens also when i
> > click the 'next page' or 'prev page' or any  link(in the thread)....
> >
> > Is this a feature by design??
> > (BTW i am using netscape and cookies and javascript are enabled..)
> >
> > thanks
> > tony.
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