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Re: Getting logged out from forums

Because of the way that tor works when you're browsing, the ip address
that the web server can see will change. Even with cookies enabled, a
lot of web forums will log you out when your ip address suddenly
changes. It's to protect users who might have their cookies copied.

Tor has an option called TrackHostExits that enables it to remember the
exit node used when first connecting to that site, and reuse the same
exit node. This should prevent the forum from logging you out. The
manual explains how to use it.

Should you have two forums that are at www.phpbb.com and www.forum.com
then you'd add something like
TrackHostExits .phpbb.com,.forum.com

If you want it to work with all hosts, then
TrackHostExits .

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 15:21:29 +0530, "Tony Jose" <imageinc@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hi friends,
> I just started to use Tor. But i am not able to browse forums
> properly. Everytime when i click any thread it says i am not logged in
> and i have to retype username and password. this happens also when i
> click the 'next page' or 'prev page' or any  link(in the thread)....
> Is this a feature by design?? 
> (BTW i am using netscape and cookies and javascript are enabled..)
> thanks
> tony.

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