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PIDFile not written/missing in tor-

hi all,

i've built TOR v0.1.1.5-alpha-cvs from src, and installed on OSX 10.4.2.

my binary is running ...

	% ps -ax | grep bin/tor
		8723  ??  S      0:09.32 /usr/local/tor/bin/tor -f /var/Settings/Tor/tor.conf
		8751  p2  R+     0:00.00 grep bin/tor

and i've defined the PIDFile in tor.conf

	% grep PIDFile /var/Settings/Tor/tor.conf
		PIDFile "/var/Process/tor.pid"

but when I look for the PID, i find nothing ...

	% ls -al /var/Process/tor.pid
		ls: /var/Process/tor.pid: No such file or directory

i can't find any trace of it in 'the usual locations' either ...

error?  am i missing something?




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