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Re: reconsidering default exit policy

carmee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Two months ago I was disconnected from the net by my provider because
> of abuse via IRC. Luckily I only needed to mention Tor to get back up
> again. That is: after blocking IRC.

I have the very same story to tell. The tech support guy had even heard
of Tor and EFF. :) Fwiw, my ISP is sonic.net, I recommend them.

I was very annoyed, though, that they turned my entire subnet off, when
all they had to do was block the IP running Tor (or even just block the
ports they hate for that IP, in this case the IRC ports).

> Maybe excluding IRC in the default ExitPolicy would prevent some abuse
> problems and frustration. And I can tell you: getting disconnected is
> very frustating, up to the point of madness :)

I just called them up and told them what was going on, and I was back
online in 15 minutes. It was annoying but not fatal, and I'd rather that
the default Tor policy erred on the side of openness rather than
a cringing sense of safety. I recognize that it's a tradeoff between
openness and the principle of least surprise.


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