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Re: google search redirected to language/country of Tor exit node

hi matt,

As a Solution to this. Windows users might consider changing their hosts file
to redirect www.google.pl or any other google's to one of google's main IP

more about hosts files can be found @

but basically it is a local file that your computer checks before It goes out
to get a website. A sample ping showed the IP of ( for

I think that I will do this my self later on when I am not @ work; so when I
am done I will repost with what the entries should look like. I know its a
big solution to a small problem, but I am OCD and like to fix things. I don't
know if there is a corolary for linux users, but it feels logical that there
would be.

the approach is clear/simple.

the immediate question for me is whether to "do it" in:

 (a) the /etc/hosts
 (b) my local DNS server's records
 (c) the Squid/Privoxy/Tor config files

and whether, by any of the above methods, I'm then complicating the whole DNS-leak matter I've been reading abt in the Privoxy/Firefox thread ...


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