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Fwd: google search redirected to language/country of Tor exit node

know what you mean. till I hear otherwise I am going to go with this as my solution to this problem. If anyone see's a problem that I missed please speak up.
hummm. might even be a good Idea to offer this in the Wiki. (read I am really lazy and probably couldn't write a good Read-Me if I tried...)  
I wonder to if this is a IE fix or if firefox and other browsers check the hosts file as well.
On 8/30/05, OpenMacNews < OpenMacNews@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hi matt,

> I am rather fuzzy on the DNS-leak problem, but I don't feel that this will
> aggravate it. As I understand the Hosts file process, the browser checks this
> file before it makes any requests for a webpage. It shouldn't send any
> packets or process any addresses before it checks this file for any
> redirections you have entered into it.

in general, true.  but on OSX, possibly (must check) complicated by lookupd
priorities ...  arrrrgh.  makes my head hurt!

> Seems to me that if you change your local DNS servers records then the local
> computer will have to send a message to the DNS server asking it for the page
> just like it would any other web page. I personally can't ring in on the
> security of this, but it seems like this would be less secure.

fair point.  though my internal DNS is accessible only to/from the internal
LAN.  the question is more ... will 'something' identifiable 'leak' into the
Tor-bound stream.  i simply dunno.

> as to the squid/privoxy/tor configs, It would seem to be secure. But to be
> honest, I wouldn't know. I leave it to the experts to change those programs
> as I have only been using tor for a short time.

likewise.  a week ago i was a squid-less, privoxy-less & tor-less 'virgin'
myself :-D