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Re: Injecting client data through your own server

Arrakis Tor writes:

> What i understood is that when you send data to the entrynode it is in
> plaintext. Only then is it encrypted and passed through the circuit.
> The entrynode can read the plaintext data, no?

Roger answered, but let me supplement. There might be confusion as to
what the entry node actually is. There is the onion proxy (OP), which is
the Tor instance that actually receives the original request directly
from your application; the OP is not the same as the first onion router
(OR) in your randomly selected Tor circuit. The first OR is the "entry

In diagram 3 on <http://tor.eff.org/overview.html>, the OP is running on
Alice's computer, and the upper left Tor server is the first OR.

The traffic between the application and the OP is unencrypted, but we
don't show that on our diagram because, if you are wise and run the OP
on the same machine as the application, it doesn't matter (much).


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