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Re: Slashdot banning Tor?

No problems for me here with either site. Must only be some nodes (?)


Moses wrote:
Wikipedia do the same...

On 9/1/05, Bob <monfster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes, I get it also.  And adding there subnet (ExitPolicy reject doesn't stop them from banning the ip of the tor server,
even though it doesn't exit to them ever.

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I've been seeing this message when I try to login to slashdot.org:

"This IP address or network has been used to abuse the system
and logins
from it have been disabled. If you feel that this is unwarranted, feel
free to include your IP address ( in the subject of an
email to banned@xxxxxxxxxxxx, and we will examine why there
is a ban. If
you fail to include the IP address (again, in the subject!), then your
message will be deleted and ignored. I mean come on, we're good, we're
not psychic."

I get the same message when I go through other exit nodes too.  Anyone
else seeing this?  Has anyone tried contacting them?

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