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Re: Tor Question

On Tue, Aug 01, 2006 at 10:37:17PM -0500, arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx wrote 2.7K bytes in 62 lines about:
: that  if  you  want  to flush your tor circuit, you can simply click a
: button  on  the  toolbar  and  it  gets  you a new circuit. I did this
: because  often a user will be surfing and circuit fails for one reason
: or another and they have to shut down and restart the browser to get a
	The control interface has a command for "SIGNAL NEWNYM" to
	switch to new, clean circuits.  This method is probably better
	than restarting Tor and other applications.
: I still have yet to heavily research making torpark actually talk with
: tor.exe  instead  of  kicking it around. I wonder if it is possible to
: pipe  these  plaintexts  directly to the controlport with some command
: line program.

	I'm sure there are many ways to open a socket to the controlport
	and converse with Tor.