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Re: Re[4]: Using Tor signals on Win32 NT (eg. pseudo-signals)?

Hi eric,

eric.jung@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>I know some people are averse to installing .NET and, if that's the case with Anothony, then I doubt there's a viable (free) scripting solution.

I take this back. I forgot you can invoke COM objects from Windows Script Host (WSH) scripts. WSH only requires wscript.exe, not .NET (it predates .NET by a number of years). There are countless COM objects that handle socket communications.

Let me know if you need more info.
Any extra info you feel like posting would be *extremely* helpfull as I am not a programmer.  I have been reading up on PowerShell but I'm a bit more confortable with traditional WSH.

I would prefer to use WSH as .Net is not required and WSH seems a bit easier than PowerShell.

I am most comfortable/knowledgeable with batch scripts (eg. .cmd's) but I'm willing to study and do what it takes to to learn WSH or PowerShell to achive my goal.  I will use which ever you deem the most appropriate and efficient.

I really appreciate all the help/guidence you've given me so far but I don't want to become a pest.

I intend to post the script here (if Nick and Roger don't mind) as I am sure most users of Tor and Win32 NT would love to have access to the final script.

Thank you very much for your time, Anogeorgeo :-)

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