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Torpark Pre-release


I am ready with the release of Torpark (7MB)

- Tor, Firefox
- Rebuilt from Portable Firefox code
- Brought back INI support
- Flush Tor Circuit button, works by signal (control port on 82)
- Fixed PortableApps directory structure issues
- Fixed update interval on Live IP
- Increased robustness for tor process
- Modified Startup Timeout to 1 try every 1.5 minutes for 3 tries
- Mutex added to prevent multiple instances
- Language Switcher extension
- Includes English, Chinese Simp, and German, and link for more language packs.
- Decompressed size of 24MB for USB friendly footprint (reduced from 40MB)
- Adblock using Filterset.G Updater
- New look and feel
- Lots of upgrades in code


Mirrors, please add this version.
If you are interested in being a mirror, please contact me.