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Re: dns-proxy-tor / freecap

Hi Steven,

--- Steven Colbert <scolbert56@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Question 1: are my dns requests being leaked (or
> better yet, how I can tell for myself - ethereal?)? 

Are you reffering soley to HTTP/S traffic?

If so, your DNS quaries are not leaked if you have
your browser and Privoxy configured correctly.  That
is, if your browser is setup to route into Privoxy
(which uses Socks4a) and Privoxy's "config.txt" has
this line at the top:
forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .

If you are reffering to non-HTTP/S traffic then most
likly your DNS quaries *are* being leaked.  In which
case you need to use an app that routes your DNS
quaries through Tor.  

>  - If so, is dns-proxy-tor a solution to this?

Yes, "Tor-Dns-Proxy" is one available solution,
another solution is "TorDNS-Localhostv v.1.7".  These
apps capture all DNS quaries and route them through

Tor-Dns-Proxy can be run from command line or as a
service.  Unfortunitly, I am unable to run
Tor-Dns-Proxy as a service becasue the service won't
start.  In my testes I ran it from command line.  The
only problem I have with Tor-Dns-Proxy is the command
line mode requires end-user input...You can't run
"start Tor-Dns-Proxy" and have it launch, you need to
type "continue" then it will begin routing the DNS
*I am emailing the authors to request automatic
running of Tor-Dns-Proxy via. "start Tor-Dns-Proxy".

TorDNS-Localhost v.1.7 does not run as a service but
can be lauched from command line without extra
end-user input.  TorDNS-Localhost has a nice GUI that
shows the real-time routing of DNS quaries so you can
see it in action.  Also, if DNS routing slows you can
clear the cache with the click of a button.

I use TorDNS-Localhost but I would prefer to use
Tor-Dns-Proxy.  The only reason I *don't* use
Tor-Dns-Proxy is I can not automatically start it via.
command line (hopefully the author will correct this).

> Question 2: Is freecap a solution to dns leakage? Or
> is this targeted for another situation?

No, Freecap does not fix DNS leakage as it uses
Socks5.  If you want to use a "socksifying" app I
suggest TorCap or TorCap2; TorCap and TorCap2 use
Socks4a.  TorCap is run completly from command line
but it can't route the app "Stunnel" (usefull for
Remailng).  TorCap2 uses a GUI and can route Stuennel.

Hope this doesn't confuse you and is helpfull,

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