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Re: ACLs null on NT

I have extensive win32 kernel programming experience and can probably write the patch for this (especially since I know exactly what Lee is talking about). Let me set up a Tor dev environment and see if I can at least get that far...

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Read  "19 Deadly Sins of Software Security", chapter 12 is on this auth
issue. It is written for a Unix person, to understand also having to
address NT ACLs.

Get the Platform SDK (now called the Windows SDK). Grep through the
samples for SECURITY_DECRIPTOR, among other things. There are a few
simple samples that setup an ACL for a handle.

Read "Secure Programming Cookbook", chapter 2 (access control), 2
patterns, 1 for Unix, 1 for NT.

Again, this is just untested observation. I am _not_ sitting here in a
debugger on an NT box, reading all of your Tor data.... :-)

Please put "strong Windows skills" on the RFP for the students!


> Hi, Lee!  This looks like good research.  There's one big problem,
> though: our windows skills are weak.  We'll either need a patch for
> this stuff, or more specific instructions about what exactly to do, or
> this could take a very long time to fix.