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Re: Mac / Intel / Tiger / Only Tor & Privoxy / Tor can't start / no user _tor

On 09.08.2006 at 23:59 News Assi wrote:


I've installed your "only tor & provoxy" package, but it seems so, that
no user will be created by this package, how can I fix that?


I'm quite confident that the package was supposed to create a user for tor to run under. As a quick fix, here are some pointers for creating a _tor user manually.

In MacOS X new users can be added with the "Netinfo Manager", residing in /Applications/Utilities/. Here's how:

* Open Netinfo Manager

* click on the lock and enter your admin password

* browse to the folder "users" and hit "New"

*name the newly created folder "_tor"

*select the folder and hit "New" to create the following key-value pairs: 

passwd *
_writers_tim_passwd _tor
uid 100 (or any unused uid?)
home /Library/Tor/var/lib/tor
shell /dev/null
gid 1 (or any unused gid?)
realname Tor User
_writers_passwd _tor

* Hit Apple+S to commit the changes

At least my _tor user is set up that way. I hope I didn't get anything wrong and it helps to solve your problem



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