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Cavalry to the rescue

Wesley Pegden <wes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Guys, I've set up another mailing list for future tor complaints from 
>unhelpful/ungrateful users should go.  All messages full indignation and 
>presumption aimed at the people who have volunteered long hours for the 
>tor project should be sent to kickme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  The server 
>(alias: MAILER-DAEMON) will respond with a message subject "Undelivered 
>Mail Returned to Sender", which will confirm receipt and transmission of 
>your message.  This will ensure that your conceit will be most 
>efficiently disseminated to the widest possible audience interested in 
>reading your demands of the tor devs.


Rather appropriate dont you think Wes, you bringin the cavalry like that... you have to thiink about it Wes.. you being from uchicago should be able to work that out. Maybe not...(hint: cowboys & indians)

Now you know how Geronimo felt. - roflol

Like the yellow (golden) streak Wes, thats Italian gold no doubt.. - lol

Me thinks you speak with forked tongue.. lol

Have a nice day Wes.


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