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Traffic Logging Suggestion

eric.jung@xxxxxxxxx <eric.jung@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Why not start logging the traffic going through your server to a public, non->tor website? You could even make it searchable through google.

Hi Eric,

Are you joking or are you serious, perhaps you should suggest it as a feature in future versions of tor. lol

Im afraid it wouldnt get much logging from me at the moment though.

Im on dynamic ip so it takes a few days before i get "valid" status. I usually see traffic only after about 4 days of uptime now since having the dynamic ip.

Ive put in for a static ip but my new isp pipex is draggin its feet.
Am I right in assuuming this flood loggin is only going on in the US?

It would only take about 10 such loggers to completely flood the UK.. there's so few UK Tor servers.

Ive noticed a tendancy of tor to connect to local servers for the first hop.

If their circuit building algorithms also use speed and availablilty as the basis for selection then with entry and exit nodes loggijn you it sure they've got the traffic totally covered if you are inside that country.


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